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History of the Church
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Hiddenite Baptist Church was organized on June 20, 1915.

The church was held inside a former Hiddenite School building that had been abandoned after the completion of the new Hiddenite High School in 1913.

By removing several partitions the building was converted into an auditorium where church services could be held. 

Reverend Leroy Parks Gwaltney was the first pastor of the church and served four years. Eventually, the old school building that was converted into a church auditorium was torn down and replaced by a brick building. Much of the planning for a new building was done during the pastorate of Reverend William Ernest Linney. It was completed in late 1920 while Reverend Charles Cyrus Holland was pastor. Drum & Lackey contracted the brick building, which was dedicated on March 30, 1930 and is currently the Gooden-Matlock Fellowship Hall.

In 1936 the Hendren Memorial Library was organized. This was in memory of Mr. J.W. Hendren. During the ministry of Reverend Homer Good, an education building, consisting of ten Sunday school rooms, a pastor's study, and a furnace room, was built.

On April 15, 1951, during the ministry of Reverend John Wells, a house was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Leach Gooden. This served as the parsonage. In 1969, Mr. and MRs. Leach Gooden gave the church a building lot on Goble Road. A new parsonage was built and was then dedicated on May 3, 1970. Reverend Eugene Warrick was pastor at this time. The old parsonage was used to house the Hendren Memorial Library, Sunday school classes and the fellowship hall.

On December of 1975, the windows and doors in the Sunday school rooms in the sanctuary were changed to folding doors to provide over-flow seating space. In August, 1976, a groundbreaking service was held for a new sanctuary. The old parsonage was sold to make way for the new building. The church secured a bank loan which was paid in full September, 1987. 

The existing educational building was completely remodeled during 1991. In 1994 the fellowship hall was completely remodeled by church members, adding a modern kitchen. The newly renovated fellowship hall was named Good-Matlock Hall, in memory of the Leach Gooden family, the Bryan Matlock family, and the Glenn Gooden family. Windows in the Gooden-Matlock Fellowship Hall were given in memory of Bill and Alma Goble, J. Hicks Hendren, Fred and Daisy Hendren and John P. Jolly, Sr. Other windows were given in honor of Gerald and Athir Goble, William Robert and Carolyn Gooden, and Mattie Jolly.

In November, 1995, a new education building consisting of eight Sunday school rooms, a choir room, and church office was started. The new education bulding and the Gooden-Matlock Hall were dedicated on September 29, 1996. On August 17, 1996, Robert and Carolyn Gooden donated the Glenn and Belle Gooden property to the church. This property joins the church property. The Reverend Dr. Terry Ashe was pastor during this time. 

Nancy Grant was ordained as Hiddenite Baptist Church's first deaconess on August 9, 1995, under the tenure of Reverend Dr. Terry Ashe. Church members erected the Balcony in the sanctuary during the summer of 2001, under the ministry of Reverend Jason Guyer. In 1975 a committee was appointed to draft the Constitution and Bylaws for the church. The results from their dedicated service approved on September 21, 1975. Those serving on the committee were Maurice Grant (Chairman), Richard walker, Lynn White, Mrs. Athie Goble, Mrs. Mae Gooden, and Reverend James Hester, ex-officio. The deacons presented revisions to the Bylaws on July 4, 1982, and April 19, 1999.

The Constitution and Bylaws were revised in 2002, adding a Policy and Procedure Handbook. Those serving in this revision consisted of Dave Hendren, Paul Hendren, Martha Hines, Richard Walker, Lucille Warren, and Reverend Jason Guyer, ex-officio. The Handbook contains Constitution, Bylaws, church history, all job descriptions, committee responsibilities, educational ministry dues, and guidelines for church operations.

Hiddenite Baptist Church members voted on May 31, 2000, to sell the parsonage on Goble Road to Reverend Jason Guyer. On September 1, 2005, church members purchased the Cook property, that joins the HBC property, from the Hiddenite Center. On May 19, 2006, church members purchased the Summer's property that joins the HBC property from the family of Neil Summers.

On August 24, 2008, church members voted "not" to have female deacons in the future. It was also voted to have twice married male deacons, to support the WMU outside of the State Baptist Convention, and to continue supporting CBF along with the Baptist Convention. On November 1, 2009, church members voted that for any member to hold any church office they must have been a member for a minimum of 1 year. Also, if they teach they must have a background screening completed. On January 10, 2010, the church voted to split mission offerings on a 50-50 basis between WMU-NC (Heck Jones) and the NC Baptist Men's Offerings.

A complete list of Pastors serving Hiddenite Baptist Church, in order of service:

The Reverends Leroy Parks Gwaltney, Ernest Victor Bumgarner, J. Ben Eller, William Ernest Linney, Charles Cyrus Holland, James M. Hayes (Interim), Ernest Victor Bumgarner, J.D. Whisnant, Homer Lee Good, John L. Wells, Ivory V. Couch, O.W. Pulley, Maurice Gilliam, Frank Koger (Interim), Walter S. Howell, Alvin A. Walker (Interim), Eugene Warrick, Carl Mauney (Interim), James M. Hester, Carl Wyatt (Interim),  Homer L. Good (Interim), Rick Cash, Curtis White (Interim), Dr. Terry B. Ashe, Dennis L. Spivey (Interim), Jason Guyer, Horace Moree (Interim), Scott Huffman, Marvin Yarborough (Interim), James “Jim” Justice, Donald “Don” Ingle (Interim), and Zachary Deal.

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